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Our Team

Anthony Patrick – Founder & CEO

Anthony is the Founder and CEO of New Harvest Ventures LLC; a seasoned real estate expert with 20 years experience, he has been involved in over a thousand transactions in all areas of real estate over the course of his career. Anthony makes the final investment decisions, and personally manages all real estate projects under New Harvest Ventures, LLC. His passion is to help others build wealth through real estate investing and positively affect the lives of those around him. Anthony is also a lecturer, mentor, speaker, softball umpire, and a philanthropist. . See Anthony’s full bio Here

Edwin Mizunaga – Marketing Operation Manager

Edwin is the head of the marketing department for New Harvest Ventures LLC. He is responsible for direct mailing campaigns as well as probate marketing, email and web marketing.

Elvie Gil Jund – Coaching Director

Elvie is in charge of mentoring our students through the entire course. She identifies and develops talents for the company, and many of whom eventually become part of our team.

Joe Lopez – VP of Marketing

Known for hunting down some of the best deals in the IE, Joe seamlessly blends traditional methods like finding abandoned properties and marketing to , to advanced digital marketing strategies like Video Marketing, Social Media., SEO, Mobile Apps and more to find and attract motivated sellers and buyers.

Lisa Dinato – Senior Acquisition Agent

Lisa is based out of Keller Williams, Rancho Cucamonga. She works directly with the investors helping them understand the current market; real estate acquisition and sales services for New Harvest Ventures LLC.

Michael Chen – Chief Investment Officer

Michael serves to increase the corporate operating capital, revenue, and profit by acquiring private investor clients, and obtaining favorable corporate financing.

Mindy Booker-Ramirez – V.P. of Administration

With many years experience in the business world, Mindy brings a keen sense of organization to our team. She oversees the day-to-day operations and all paperwork in the company.

Paul Wilkins

Paul is a Master of Probate, 401k investing, and Tax Liens. He has more than 20 years of experience as an investment banker and REO manager with large banks, and now with almost 10 years of experience as probate properties expert. Paul has been involved in well over a thousand deals.

Richard Edrosolan

Richard is our Out of State Investment Expert. He is our close partner with 20 years of experience who is an expert in building well-managed rental portfolios with great cash flow for our clients.

Robert McGrauth – Contractor

Robert is a top-ranked contractor, providing beautiful renovations on our homes. He oversees crews that are among the best in the industry returning homes to nearly brand new condition.

Scott Cheramie – Broker of Record

Scott is the broker and property manager of Meridian Property Group who identifies investment opportunities and facilitates most of the real estate transactions for New Harvest Ventures LLC.