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We work with you side by side, taking you by the hand and we explain EVERYTHING until you “get it”.

You will actually participate in the process and we will be by your side to correct you as you go. (you will not make mistakes with us advising you) We take pride in teaching you how to succeed.

We are confident that when you leave us at the end of the workshop that you can DUPLICATE what we taught you to do, so YOU can create FINANCIAL Success IN YOUR LIFE!!!

The workshop is an exclusive opportunity for those investors who are tired of reading the books, listening to the same CD’s over and over and who are ready to finally take action and learn “hands on” from people who do this everyday!

There is no better way to learn than having us and our power team there to “hold your hand” every step of the way.

In our workshop we will be previewing and introducing you to various deals and projects that we have already run the numbers on. We will be there to answer all your questions and take you through her entire process.

It took me years of trial and error and more than $100,000 in education through products, coaching and costly mistakes to develop and perfect the system I am going to teach you! – Anthony Patrick

When you attend this three days intensive boot camp, You’ll learn:

  • How to find the juiciest deals so you can cash BIG CHECKS wholesaling or rehab them;
    (Without this skill your investing career is dead before it ever began)
  • How to manage contractors so you don’t lose your shirt on overage;
    (These tricks will save you thousands on every rehab you do)
  • How to estimate repair and building upgrades to make sure your numbers are rock solid;
    (If you can’t do this, you’re gambling not investing!)
  • How to avoid seller and contractors disasters;
    (I learned these the hard way and paid dearly for every lesson)
  • How to never overpay for repairs and the “secrets” of the Home Depot Bid Room;
    (This little trick allows me to buy materials at a fraction of the cost, saving thousands on every rehab!)
  • How to negotiate like a pro so you never over pay for a property;
    (Your ability to negotiate is the difference between big fat paydays and poverty)
  • Advanced marketing strategies, tactics, tips and tricks so you can generate an unlimited amount of leads and dominate your local market;
    (These strategies have been developed at a cost of tens of thousands in testing, research and development )
  • What upgrades will provide the best return and which ones will be a waste;
    (Getting these wrong will eat thousands out of your profits)
  • How to develop a real estate investment “Power Team” and multiply the amount of deals you can do;
    (without a team your up a creek without…..well you get it)
  • How to avoid pitfalls and take profitable advantage of those that other investors avoid;
  • The secrets of investing in probate properties and tap into an endless supply of deals most other investors have no idea how to touch;